Why are trusses priced as a package and not individually?
In order to price a truss, design, production and delivery costs are calculated. When only one truss of the same span and profile is required, the price includes the total of those expenses. When multiple trusses of the same design are required, those expenses are divided among them with only the cost of materials remaining the same.

Why do you need a project location to calculate a price?
Aside from the logistical considerations of access to site and delivery, there is also the matter of snow fall. For any given area, a snow load has been calculated consisting of the weight of the snow which is expected to accumulate on a roof during the winter season. The structure must be designed to support that extra weight. These loads are widely varied from one area to another.

What are farm trusses?
The designation or use of a building can make a difference in how roof trusses are designed. For instance, trusses used to build a barn roof are often referred to as farm trusses and are designed differently than those for the house that is beside it. These requirements are set out in the Building Code and/or by the local authorities. Your local building official can help with any concerns.

Residential – Part 9 NBCC
• Maximum clear span of 40’ – however, a truss can have a total length in excess of 40’ with interior supports
• Building area of less than 6000 square feet
• Building Height of 3 storeys or less
• Maximum truss spacing of 2’ on centre
Low Human Occupancy (Farm)
• Occupancy of no greater than one person per 500 square feet
• Placement is generally 4’ on centre
Commercial – Part 4 NBCC
• Used in all instances where residential and small buildings or low human occupancy farm situations do not apply.

Why use a ‘raised-heel’?
Raising the heel of a truss may be desired or required for numerous reasons. On a standard truss (with a standard heel) the overhang and soffit will cover a portion of the wall. Raising the heel of a truss can reduce or entirely eliminate this overlap, allowing for exterior architectural details such as key-stones, arched or floor to ceiling windows. The heel may also be raised for interior details such as increasing vault or tray heights or even to allow for an increased amount of insulation in the attic space.

What will my delivery cost?
The cost of delivery has been included in the package price provided unless otherwise noted. In certain cases, a customer may wish to pick-up their trusses or there may be accessibility issues with the construction site. If this is the case there will be a notation on the quotation sheet that the cost of delivery has not been included.

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