Piggyback/ Multi-Piece
Due to limitations in shipping and manufacturing, trusses over 12 feet in height (top of truss peak to bottom of truss tail) must sometimes be split into two sections and put together on-site.

Mono Truss
A mono truss has only one slope as opposed two (half of a common truss).

Scissors Trusses
A scissor truss is used when the ceiling profile has an interior pitch or vault. Normally to determined the allowable interior pitch, you divide the exterior pitch in half. Example: if the exterior pitch is 6/12, than the interior pitch is 3/12. For a greater interior pitch, the heel of the truss can be raised. (see raised heel). A parallel chord truss (where the inside and outside pitches match) can also be created by increasing the heel height. A Scissor Truss can have a wide range of vault styles, shapes and sizes.

Polynesian Truss
A Polynesian truss has a pitch change in the top chord of the truss.

Attic Truss
An Attic truss is a common truss, with the inside space converted into a room. This truss is often used over a garage, or drive shed to create a bonus room. The rooms’ width and height are determined by the span of the truss, and the pitch of the roof.

A Gambrel is a barn-style roof shape, and is often referred to as a “hip” roof. These trusses can also be designed as an attic truss that is complete with a floor system built in.

Hip Truss
A hip truss is used to make up a cottage or hip roof system.

Half Hip
A half Hip truss is part of a Hip truss.

Dual Pitch Truss
A Dual pitch truss has two different pitches, one on either side of the truss peak.

Tray or Coffer
A tray or coffer is an interior ceiling detail that can take many forms, and is often designed to fit inside a specific room. The design is based on pitch, heel height and the desired appearance. A tray or coffer detail is most often seen in a great room, master bedroom, or kitchen in order to give the room more height and added detail.

Flat Truss
A flat truss is a truss that has no exterior pitch.

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