Why choose engineered products?
Engineered products have become a popular choice for many projects. Their advantages range from decreased installation times to an increase in design options. The consistent quality of engineered products as well as increased span possibilities continue to increase their desirability on construction projects.

Why choose DJ Jackson’s for your engineered products?

Jackson’s takes a very personal approach to every project. Prices are calculated with a keen eye to detail and are based on the actual design requirements for the individual project as opposed to ‘square foot’ calculations. Most are fully engineered to ensure that both aesthetic and structural aspects are achievable.
Trusses are most often ordered at the point when a foundation is going in the ground and it is too late to add a bearing wall or change other details once this has happened. We do our best to point out any problems that may arise during construction. Our design team may also propose some ideas that have not been considered such as the addition of a vaulted ceiling or attic storage space over a garage.

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