Engineered products have become a popular and often necessary choice for many construction and renovation projects. Their advantages range from decreased installation times to an increase in span options. The consistent quality of engineered products as well as increased design possibilities continue to strengthen their desirability.

DJ Jackson’s designs, produces and delivers a superior product backed by first-class customer service. All components are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed current Building Code Standards and arrive on site with a Professional Engineer’s Seal, simplifying not only the construction phase, but inspections as well.

DJ Jackson’s also offers 2 types of engineered open web floor joists. These joists are custom designed, engineered and manufactured for your specific project. Every project is carefully reviewed to determine the most appropriate and cost effective joist while at the same time exceeding current Building Code Standards.

The Posi-Strut open metal web floor system is available in depths ranging from 9 ¼” to 16”, the most popular being the 11 ¼” and 14” product. The variety of depths allow for the joists to match most conventional or engineered lumber products.

The open web concept eliminates the need for cutting and drilling for electrical, plumbing and ventilation systems, allowing for quicker installation saving time and money. The wide nailing surface makes its faster and easier to install floor sheathing.

As an added feature the Posi-Strut floor joist can be designed with a trimmable end
giving the installer greater flexibility when necessary

Wood Web
The open wood web floor system is the ultimate in pre-engineered floor design. Plated in the same method as a pre-engineered roof truss, the joist can be manufactured to any depth allowing for clear spans other pre-engineered floor systems cannot match.

Much like the Posi-Strut, the open wood web requires no cutting or drilling for electrical, plumbing and ventilation. Wider nailing surface makes for easier and quicker floor sheathing installation.
All products produced and supplied by DJ Jackson’s come complete with engineer stamped drawings for permit application, installation and inspection purposes.

Many municipalities require specific information on both roof and floor systems in order to grant a construction permit, be it new construction, a garage, or a renovation. Some departments will only require this paperwork upon the framing inspection.

Each individual building department has their own regulations and requirements and should be consulted prior to the order of any engineered products to ensure that the appropriate paperwork is made available.

Engineered drawings are included in the pricing that you receive for your project. In the case where paperwork is required prior to the order of product, there may be a fee charged which would be fully refunded upon order of product. Go to quotations page
The advent of engineered products in construction has lead to an increase in design options for both the builder and the homeowner. In most cases, aesthetic details and storage options can and should be considered as a part of your roof construction.

Many garage designs allow for additional storage to be realized within the trusses, be it with a full sized room, or designated storage space in between the webs of a truss. Both of these options must be accounted for by the truss designer, so if this idea appeals to you, be sure to make mention when you request pricing. We are happy to offer you designs and prices both with and without these options.

For interior spaces, ceiling details can add drama and a sense of space to a room with very little difficulty. Vaulted, raised and tray ceilings are a popular option in foyers, great rooms and master bedrooms.

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